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Hotel/ Motel Business Financing

Many hotel and motel owners need extra cash to pay for day to day expenses, as well as business expansion projects, property upgrades and new employees. Many hotel and motel owners may lack the cash flow needed to pay for business expansion projects without compromising their ability to do business with customers. Working capital needs to be available in order to keep the flow of a business running smoothly. However, most hotel and motel owners have a difficult time finding traditional lenders who are willing to lend money for their needs.

Merchant Cash Advances

We provide these business owners with a solution to their funding needs. We will help you obtain the working capital necessary for your hotel or motel’s business expenses via a merchant cash advance. Merchant cash advances are an alternative to traditional bank loans. We offer a much simpler application process and faster funding. Banks often require extensive documentation and long periods of wait, with no promise of funding. Our funding is determined on the revenue your business makes. We use this information to determine how much money we can advance to your hotel or motel, to create a repayment process that will be easy to afford. As a result, hotel and motel owners can obtain short-term capital without disrupting their business’ cash flows.

Business Loan