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Green Energy Business Financing

With the rise of environmental awareness, many businesses and homes are turning to green energy as a main source of energy. Businesses that install and produce the necessary appliances have seen a boom in demand, but may not having the working capital available to fill consumers needs. These businesses need funding to continue to successfully run their operation. It can help them obtain the equipment and supplies they need, including materials, production space and transport vehicles. It also helps them gain access to increased payroll and outsourcing budgets that will allow them to meet increased consumer demands.

However, not everyone qualifies to borrow from a traditional lending institution. We disburse merchant cash advances based on current revenue. Companies can receive up to 125% of money made from gross receipts and sales.

How Merchant Cash Advances Work

Cash advance funding works a little bit differently than typical bank or credit union loans. That’s why it’s often easier to obtain financing this way. It’s directly based on actual income that a company will earn and not just on the risk of credit scores.

We anticipate how much income an operation will produce in the near future. Then, we use that amount to calculate a cash advance amount necessary for success. Business applicants can use this working capital to apply toward just about any operational expense. Then, we set up a small repayment system during which time we debit a little bit of the amount owed daily.This new way of acquiring money has already opened up new opportunities. Companies who otherwise wouldn’t receive the means required for successful operation have found a way to make their business work when applying with us for funds.

We encourage everyone to apply today. The application process is fast an easy, with no extensive requirements and the fastest funding times in the industry.

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