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Fitness Center Business Financing

In today’s economy, finding the right financing and a reliable partner can be a challenge. Traditional bank loans are out of reach for many businesses, even those with growing client lists and strong revenue. In spite of that challenge, your business needs adequate funding to ensure your facilities and equipment are top quality. You may need additional capital for new facilities and equipment as you expand, and you most certainly need working capital to ensure smooth day-to-day operation. Having readily available cash is critical for payroll, marketing, supply and inventory, and many other regular expenses so vital to the operation of your fitness business. Knowing that you have these needs, and understanding their scope, is the first step. Identifying a knowledgeable and reliable financing partner comes next.

Fast and Easy Funding

With traditional bank funding so hard to come by, is there anywhere to turn? Fortunately, the answer is yes. Francis Weah Lending & Development Group offer flexible financing options that are perfect for a healthy and growing fitness business. Our merchant cash advances are much simpler than bank funding, with a better approval rate. Our minimal application and approval requirements allow us to provide fitness businesses with funding as soon as they need it. The documents needed for approval are much simpler than those normally required by a bank, and the response time is impressive. Many applications are approved within one day, and funds are deposited to your account by same-day wire for immediate access. Everest can provide financing for up to 125% of your typical monthly cash sales or monthly credit card sales volume. There are never any prepayment penalties, and standard repayment is made through a convenient and affordable daily charge against your deposit account or merchant receipts.

Solid financing from a trusted partner is an important part of the financial fitness regimen for your business. Talk to a representative today by filling out a form, and start your fitness business on the path to financial health.

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