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Electronics Store Business Funding

In a single decade, nearly 500 small electronics repair companies closed down per year, according to Sarasota Herald-Tribune. Broken down even further, that’s more than one electronics company per day that was forced to close down as a result of business failure. While the causes of each business failure differ, many solutions are resolved with electronic store financing.

Whether your company is an experienced electronics store or you are new to the industry, getting business funding is critical to the success of your business.

Electronics Store Small Business funding

When your company is built to succeed, you will avoid catastrophic failures in business by being better equipped to handle the financial emergencies of the electronics industry.


As an electronics store, you need to be able to safeguard your company against financial disaster. This will mean different things for different companies. For example, acquiring electronics store small business funding will enable businesses to purchase more equipment, negotiate better bulk order rates, or launch larger marketing campaigns. For other companies, this may mean keeping their business afloat during low sales volume seasons or covering the costs of unexpected repairs or emergencies.


Some small companies remain small because they do not take the necessary steps to get recognized and listed in their local community. While you’re getting set up with electronics store business funding, make sure that you have taken the necessary steps to be fully integrated into your community:

  • Decide on your business format (like an LLC).
  • Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Have your business licensed at your state’s secretary of state office.
  • Apply for sales tax licenses.
  • Acquire any necessary business licenses or permits.
  • Network with local electronics stores and look for business opportunities.
  • Hire a professional and experienced team.
  • Setup accounts wholesale purchasing.
  • Locate local e-cycling companies in the area.

While there is more you can do to get your business to the next level, these tasks will help you to get listed in your community and to be recognized as a leader in electronics.


With financing from Francis Weah Lending & Development Group. , you will want to consider a business expansion to help your company grow to the next level. Consider hiring more staff, opening a new location, embarking on larger advertisement campaigns, providing more services, increasing your product line, and more.

Francis Weah Lending & Development Group are your alternative to bank financing. Our financing options are much easier to obtain than those of a traditional bank and are easier to repay. Give us a call with any questions and let us know how business financing will help your business succeed!

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